In attendance: Gabriela, Lauren, Hanny, Jenny P., Meghan, Lea, Bryce

@MIT: Julia, Jenny W.

Absent: None

  • MIT Communication Lab
    1. Lea - resource available at MIT if your department is a “member.” Should APO look into making WHOI a member department? Would students find this useful? Would involved a monetary commitment. They offer help with reading/speaking/presentations/writing etc.
    2. Julia commented that Course 1 has been trying to start an environment related communications group. There are also a few options for general writing/presentation help as well as something offered through the bio dept at MIT but it’s hard to find out about. Julia will look into it.
  • General discussions
    1. Everyone okay with how the funding applications are being handled (via email) - Yes
    2. Doodles for meeting times - will revise with less options perhaps? - Gabi though then you might need a follow up doodle.
      1. Probably current strategy is okay even if its a lot of clicking.
  • Funding
    1. The $200 funds per department need to the used by the end of the year.
    2. RFPs need to be turned in by Dec 20 for those to Lea/APO
    3. Send receipts by Thurs (Dec 17) to Julia for MIT based funds. Currently pending:
      1. - Thanksgiving Potluck
      2. - Latin American Party
      3. UI Fund receipts go to Julia otherwise receipts go to Lea
  • JP retreat (Hanny)
    1. Dates  - Alexis fisher has expressed concern over personal conflict would like to be notified once dates are decided.
  • ODGE funds
    1. $200 allocated for each department and for each year to have a social
    2. approved SWMS and thesis writing workshop
    3. continuing MIT social hours monthly
  • Student Center
    1. Make a sign for JP Student Center asking students to clean and put away dishes
    2. Get a new sponge
  • Funding option
    1. Meghan- Idea for student seminar series, can apply for funding for it
  • WHOI accreditation meeting
    1. Bryce- pretty standard may come around later to ask students for information